5 Best Strategies to Attract Top Talent in IT on a Budget

If your recruitment strategy boils down to publishing a job ad on your website and social media channels, then this article is for you.

Recruiters in small companies often struggle to find and hire the best software developers in the market. The competition for talented workers is intense. Too many big companies are offering the most incredible benefits packages for the team – but is that really what attracts top talent?

We have set out to find out the top 5 recruiting strategies smaller companies can use to attract top talent to your team.

1. Build a strong employer brand

Out of all strategies, this one is the hardest yet the most important one to achieve. Big companies are pouring thousands of hundreds dollars to establish a strong brand presence. If you are a small company, there are still few things that you can do. Attend local events, hackathons, meetups and conferences. If you can’t afford to organize such events yourself, send a recruiter or a developer there. Most likely, at least a few of those people are looking for a job, while others are simply curious to see what other opportunities might be there.

2. Create a referral program

People like to work with people they like. If you provide your employees with the best conditions and work space, they will be happy to share it with their friends. They will be even happier if they receive a monetary reward for that. In general, research has proved that referral programs have some of these benefits:

  • Lower turnover rates
  • Higher quality hires
  • Shorter time to hire
  • Shorter onboarding time
  • Less money spent hiring

You can find some tips on how to create the best referral program here.   

3. Leverage your marketing

While marketing is generally meant to target clients and users, a nice side bonus comes in the form of recruitment. If you have a strong social media presence, most likely, the candidates will go on to check out the open positions for the website and apply. Don’t be afraid to get creative with your job posts: candidates sure appreciate some creativity among the all-the-same job postings ads.

4. Make it personal

Keep your audience in mind: what are their values, goals and preferences? What excites them? Your approach will drastically differ if you are a young brand trying to appeal to recent graduates, or whether you are an old company trying to attract senior developers.

Define your ideal candidate first, and then find the means to draft a message that will resonate with them.

5. Use universities to attract graduates

While almost all companies exhibit at university job fairs now, you can go one step further. Sponsor events and hackathons, host events and lectures, and sponsor bright students and competitions. In addition to recruiting potential candidates, this strategy will ensure that your brand is well-known and recognizable among students. Once you get their attention, you can invite them for an office tour and give them a chance to ask questions.


Even if you don’t have a huge marketing budget, you can still use your creativity to get the best results and attract the candidates that you need.


Author: Karina Khristich

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