7 Must-Have Soft Skills for Developers

Developers are problem-solvers. 

A lot of people assume that being a developer is only about writing code, but it’s so much more than that. We have spoken to our developers to find out what skills they believe are crucial in their job.

So while too many engineers focus on learning more programming languages and further developing their hard skills, they tend to overlook the soft skills. And in today’s competitive world, those are crucial for further career advancement and overall job satisfaction. 

1. Comprehensive Writing Skills

One of the most important qualities for developers is to be able to express themselves clearly. It’s great to be able to explain a problem in a quick chat, but sometimes putting your thoughts in writing is the most efficient solution.

2. Interpersonal Skills

Developers have to constantly communicate with their project and product managers, tech leads, teammates, clients and bosses. At some point, they all have to learn to respond quickly to requests, ask for a promotion, or give feedback to their colleagues. Thus, developing good communication and negotiation skills is crucial for their daily interactions.

3. Teamwork

This gradually follows from the previous soft skills. Working well with others makes the work more fun and enhances the project. Learning how to deal with people who have different opinions from you is a useful skill to master, regardless of your profession.

4. Approachability and Helpfulness

At one point or another, people will come to ask you for help. Or they will want to come to you to ask you to hangout in the park – but if you come across as not very approachable, most likely, they never will ask you after all. And it works the other way around, too: sometimes, when you ask for help, nobody will be there to help you out. Try to help people out, smile more, and show them that you are willing to work together.

5. Accountability

You have to stay true to your words, meet your own deadlines, and hold yourself accountable for your mistakes. Anyone can make a mistake – it’s how you deal with it is what actually matters.

6. Time management

While most of the people’s job involves multi-tasking now, studies have shown that multi-tasking actually decreases your productivity. Working productively on one task at a time allows you to get more done in a shorter period of time. If you don’t know how to get started, try Kanban and the Pomodoro Techniques.

7. Relaxation

Life is not just about work. It’s important to take the time to relax and nourish your cells and your soul. Find a hobby that doesn’t involve a screen, and make sure that you dedicate some time for it each week.


In the end, it’s the soft skills and communication skills that set apart developers in an office cubicle from “rockstars” who thrive to be the absolute best.

Which soft skills do you still need to work on? Which ones have you mastered?

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