How to Market Your Next Product before Launch

A lot of companies make the mistake of starting to market their own product only after the product is ready to be launched.

The problem with this approach?

Most likely, you will waste time and sales effort on trying to market the unknown product of an unknown brand.

Too many startups and companies ask themselves, “But what can I market if I don’t even have a product yet?” Actually, there are a lot of things that you can market. In fact, before you even have a product, you should start building interest, finding your audience, conducting research, and testing out various marketing approaches.

Below are the examples of activities you should do before you have a product.

Determine Your Target Audience

This has been stated over and over again, but the first thing that you must to is to figure out exactly who you will be selling to. Be as specific as possible in your analysis.

For example, instead of just “young males”, maybe it’s university students with limited income who live in dormitories. Once you have identified the precise audience, you will be able to target them with the right messages through the correct media channels. A full guide on how to create a buyer persona can be found here.

Define Your Social Media Strategy

Based on the profile of your buyer persona, you need to figure out where your audience spends their time. Social media has an overwhelming power in any industry, so it’s crucial to maintain a solid and consistent presence across all your social media channels.

Build the Hype

You might not want to talk about the actual product before it’s ready, but that doesn’t mean you can’t tease people that something is coming up. Talk to industry experts, ask your followers for their opinion, and let them know that you are onto something huge.

Establish Your Credibility

Sharing is caring. Make sure that you share valuable information and insights with your audience, and provide them with tips for their pain points before selling anything to them. It takes a long time to “warm up” the audience before you can sell anything to them, so use this precious time to establish a connection with them.


While you may be worried that someone will try and steal your idea early on, the benefits of sharing with your audience far outweigh the threats. Before your product is ready, focus on getting to know your audience, showcasing your expertise, telling your story, and building expectations. That way, your audience is ready for the launch when the time comes.

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